Mind A-Mazes 2018

***Reminder for all groups***

by on Sep.25, 2018, under Uncategorized

Please remember that all device materials (including any moving objects) need to be within the 1 meter box area before and after the device has completed its tasks – so make sure any parts of your device stay contained somehow in the 1 meter box and don’t land, roll, or fly away outside the 1 meter box!

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What simple machines need to be used in your machine?

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You have to have at least 1 simple machine. Make sure that the simple machine action is causing bell to ring, beans knocking over, etc.

Here are the simple machines that will be scored-


wheel and axle

inclined plane



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Can 1 machine do two things at once?

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Just remember judges have to watch and clearly see actions happening, if 2 things happen at once, one may be missed.  Try to stagger when actions are happening to insure correct scoring.

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Just a reminder about the trigger at the beginning of devices.

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One team member must trigger the device, once.  Only 1 trigger is allowed.  The person triggering the device can not supply the energy, meaning no pushing or pulling etc.

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Does a machine that triggers two things that then branch off to each do their own thing count as doing two things at the same time (simultaneously)?

by on Sep.21, 2018, under Uncategorized

Yes teams can do this, but remember it will be really hard for the judges to see everything if it happened at the same time, I would encourage teams to stagger when the actions happen along the way.  So yes they can trigger 2 things but really encourage them to time it out well.  I would hate for teams to really have accomplished tasks but judges missing it.

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Just a reminder for all groups

by on Sep.21, 2018, under Uncategorized

All devices must fit in the 1 meter by 1meter box.  They can extend beyond the box while the device is running, but not before or after it has run.  Also, no device materials (ball, marble, rubber bands, beans, etc.) should leave the 1 meter box area during the running of the device.  So make sure you have a way to keep all your materials enclosed in your 1 meter box area!”

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Is rising a tube five cm to spill beans consider simultaneously

by on Sep.19, 2018, under Uncategorized

If the rising happens before the spilling it would count (remember that for a task to count, it has to occur from the direct action of a simple machine…so a simple machine would have to cause the tube to raise 5cm and a simple machine would have to cause the beans to spill for each of those tasks to earn points!)

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