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To clarify what a fan blade is…  You can use a manufactured fan blade or a homemade fan blade but make sure it looks and acts like a fan blade.  A cars wheels will not count as a fan blade, but a fidget spinner would.

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If a pulley is used do we get points for it?

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No you will not get points for the pulley, but maybe your design will include a wheel and axle?  That would give you points.

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Will a pulley be counted as a wheel and axle?

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Yes, but make sure you have a true wheel and axle within your pulley system.  Here is a link to a good definition of wheel and axles.




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Can we use a toy car as a wedge, and not get disqualified

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Can you be more specific about how you would use the car?

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Does the bell have to be an actual bell or something that just makes a ringing sound? If so, what type of bell do we need?

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I think the following definition will help.  You can use a bell like that sits on a counter, a christmas bell, etc.  Remember the judges have to clearly see it as a bell.

Definition of Bell 

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1aa hollow metallic device that gives off a reverberating sound when struck

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is a pulley a wheel and axel?

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The construction of a “pulley” and a “wheel and axle” can be similar or even same. But in the simple machines classification their purposes differ:

  • Pulley is used to change the direction of a rope or a chain. The actual rotation of the pulley wheel is a side effect.
  • Wheel and axle are used to amplify rotational force. The force can be provided through a rope wrapped around the wheel, but the change of direction is a side effect.

For example, a chain sprocket is an example of wheel and axle, while a chain idler would be an example of a pulle

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can we use something from a subscription box

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You can use some pieces but remember the following from the rules-

Ordinary “found” objects may be used and not counted against the $10.00 limit. Example: A team may use Lego pieces, just as long as a large portion of their device isn’t constructed with LEGOS.  (Since judges need to make the decisions, teams are encouraged to make their devices so they aren’t marginal when it comes to this rule.  Most judges will easily spot a device if it is largely constructed with manufactured toy parts or pieces.) Devices based on a manufactured toy/object may be disqualified.

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