Mind A-Mazes 2018


Can we pop the non-latex glove while at the same time doing something else, in other words simultaneously?

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So from my experience with the glove…  it doesn’t really pop but more puncture and air escapes which might make it happen after the other task has been completed.  Remember no other tasks will be counted after the glove is punctured.

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In the “Mind A-Mazes” rule packet, under ‘Competition’ you’ll see…

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After the 5 minute prep time, the announcer will call “Time.”  The teams will then wait for a judge to come and tell them when to trigger their device.  At that time, the designated team member will explain to the Judges how their device is designed to work and then start the device.


So teams should try to explain how their devices ‘plan’ to work (if everything worked perfectly) including what tasks would happen, in what order, and what simple machines they’re using.  A good way to do this may be for teams to bring an index card for a team member or members to use when explaining (and showing) what tasks for judges to look for and what simple machines are planned to be used. 

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If we knock off a bell and when it falls it stretches a rubber band is it consider simultaneously.

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Both would count for points as long as judges are able to see both actions.

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Can we drop a marble to trigger the device?

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No, that would not be a trigger.

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*** All Teams ***

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If during the competition, your device knocks over a container with beans in it and some of the beans land outside of the meter box, you will NOT be penalized for that.   You will be penalized, however,  if a part of the device falls off and lands outside of the meter box.

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can we use a toy car as a wheel and axle even though its manufactured?

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I just want to clarify for all teams that yes a car is a wheel and axle.  But I want all teams to know that if the car is on an inclined plane then you would get points for either the inclined plane or the wheel and axle but not both.

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