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Would a homemade instrument that produces a discernable musical pitch be allowed?

by on Sep.30, 2019, under Uncategorized

Rule 3 states that a musical instrument has to be one typically used in most bands of music classes.  So no you cannot use a homemade instrument.

The type of musical instrument that your device will attempt to play is up to teams to decide, but the instrument must fit in the space limit requirement and the instrument should be one typically used in most bands or music classes.  For example, having a stick hit a book or folder would not count as a musical instrument for this challenge.

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According to number 10, a step is a “transfer of energy between 2 different actions.” Does one marble triggering a second marble to roll on a different surface count as a step?

by on Sep.25, 2019, under Uncategorized

No, the key word is ‘different’ actions, so one marble or ball hitting another marble or ball is the same action repeating and would not count as a step.  Similarly, dominoes or domino-like objects hitting each other won’t count as ‘different’ actions.  Also, numerous similar objects all hanging and hitting each other one after another would not be a different action.

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Can a team use repeated sequences of dominoes in their device?

by on Sep.12, 2019, under Uncategorized

*This is an important question!  Look at rule B11.  Teams CAN use dominoes in their devices, but not have a device ‘based largely on dominoes’, or ‘have most of their device relying on dominoes’.  What does ‘most’ mean?  ‘Most’ of a device would mean 1/2 (50%) or more of the steps in a device relying on dominoes.  If a team had most of their device relying on dominoes and didn’t follow this rule, judges would likely not give that team a qualifying score for the challenge.  So a team MAY use dominoes, but make sure you don’t use them too much!  This isn’t meant to be a dominoes challenge!  🙂

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What will count as a ‘musical instrument’?

by on Sep.12, 2019, under Uncategorized

A ‘musical instrument’ that can be used in this challenge should be one used in a typical elementary or middle school music or band class.  For example, music instruments such as kazoos or slide whistles are allowed.  A stick hitting a paper or folder, or a nail hitting a can however would not.  The safest thing to do if you have ANY doubt about whether a musical instrument would be permitted would be to check with your coach and have your coach submit a question on the blog just to be sure!

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